Patrik Kittel | Jaybee alabaster arrives safely from australia


Jaybee Alabaster arrived safely early this morning in Nottuln, Westfalia. Making the trip with his long time groom Helen, Basti’s trip was relatively easy despite delays caused by the large storms surrounding Sydney when he left.

Jaybee Alabaster is owned by Bev edwards, and ridden by one of Australias most presitigious riders, Rachel Sanna. Rachel and Basti shall represent Australia at the World Cup Final after convincing wins in Australia. Rachel, alongside Mary Hanna and my wife Lyndal were together instrumental in qualifying Australia for this years Olympics. Alabaster also reached the Special at the Altech World Equestrian Games and is the current Australian Champion.

Basti shall be based with us here in preparation for the World Cup Final, with Rachel arriving in around a month to begin their preparations.

Basti is in good spirits and has already made himself quite at home with his new friends.

cover photo courtesy of Franz Venhaus (copyright)

via Patrik Kittel | Jaybee alabaster arrives safely from australia.

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