What would you like me to write about in my diary?

I would love to have your ideas about the sort of things you would like to read about in my blog diary.  This is such an exciting time for me that I may get carried away by my own stuff rather than covering the interesting topics for my readers!  Please Leave a Reply below and let me know what topics you would like me to write about.  That would be awesome.

Thanks for your help


21 thoughts on “What would you like me to write about in my diary?

  1. Love reading your blog. Would love to find out how do you keep fit other than riding itself. Do you do gym work ie pilates, jog etc?
    Best wishes Rachel, I hope you & Alasbaster keep well.

  2. Thanks for the Blog Rachael. I would like to hear just what it takes to keep the horses healthy and sound at this level. What are you doing on a daily weekly monthly etc basis to keep Bastie at his peak. Best wishes for the coming months!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I’d love to hear how you manage to maintain/develop your riding style when for example Patrick has been riding Bastie. Do you still change how you ride (style or certain movements)? Or how do you decide what and how to incorporate and when to stay true to your style?
    Hope this makes sense 🙂
    It’s great to be able to follow your journey from home. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us Dressage Enthusiasts!
    Cheers, Anna

  4. Would love to hear about unusual training ideas or equipment, new bits or anything different from the normal that would be really interesting, the blogs are great to keep our boring endless circles in Australia more interesting ,hope the kids and Nerida are having fun too

  5. Hi Rachael, In relation to your request what we would like to her from you in writing your diary. Just tell as it is. All the best, Go Aussie!!!! Cheers

      • Hi Rachael, you & bastie are looking great. The pic of you and him out for the first time looks great. Has he put on weight or bulked up, as you have written he is looking super. I don’t really think people back home really know the truth in relation to who pays for all this, transport to and from Australia, stabling, feeding, vet bills, your income, your groom, and her emotions being away on this journey. Who looks after your family, Sporting bodies support, what happens with expenses when you are selected for the London Olympics’? How long you will be away for? Then what happens when its all over and you have to come home how that is all planned? I can feel a book coming on here lol. need an editor??? Rachael, some days are going to be tougher than others but always remember the reasons, why you are there. Yes, you can show the rest of the world that us Aussies can mix it with the BEST. I look forward to reading more of your adventure/s cheers Earle

      • Hi Earle, What a lot of good questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask them. I will certainly attempt to answer those for you – either in my diary posts or in that book you are talking about! Thanks too for your words of encouragement. Will be riding my butt off!

  6. Hi Rachael,

    Would be great to learn how you are managing the pressure and emotions of it all. For example, how do you cope if you you have a bad ride (although it sounds as though things are going well!) What do you say to yourself after a bad ride? How do you stop putting pressure on yourself and on the horse?

    The info on the feed and the day to day stuff like what rugs Alabaster is wearing is great…! Am enjoying the blog a lot. Thanks Sam Miles

    (There may be another book in this Rachael!)

  7. Hi Rachael, I would love to hear how you manage to keep your training consistent when you move half way across the world and are (I’m guessing?) learning new things from wonderful riders in Europe. Do you stick to your tried and true training methods so close to an Olympic Games or do you still need to be open to outside advice from people you are based with? I’ve always wondered how open an elite rider actually is to incorporating ‘outside’ or ‘new’ training methods so close to major competitions, and whether there is a risk of actually going ‘backwards’ if it doesn’t work? Is it something you have to think about consciously? thanks so much and best of luck! Adam Fawcett

  8. Your blogs have been brilliant. The feed, rugs, it is all very interesting. Love the small stuff. Write whatever you want, you’re there for Bastie & yourself first. Enjoy!!

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