A behind the scenes insight

A few people have asked what its like to compete at international level and is it as glamorous and exciting as it looks.  Samantha Miles in her book: “Stories from the Saddle” did a great job revealing the “behind the scenes” reality of competition at this level.  The book is divided into 12 chapters with each chapter covering an international rider from each discipline.  I was excited to be included (Chapter 10: Rachael Sanna!) alongside Rozzie Ryan, Laurie Lever, Heath Ryan, Mary Hanna, Vicki Roycroft, Wendy Schaeffer, Brett Parbery, Colleen Brook, Prue Barrett, Jamie Coman, and Hamish Cargill.  Samantha covers both the serious side but also many hilarious moments as well as the tears, frustrations and best of all the tantrums!

2 thoughts on “A behind the scenes insight

  1. Thanks Rachael for mention of the book! Was THRILLED!!!! Am wishing the very best for you and Alabaster. We seriously should talk about doing your own book when you get back.

    Many thanks


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