My World Cup Dressage Diary – 8th April – Easter Day

Happy Easter! Or Happy Easter Monday!  I’m losing track of the time difference.

Due to the lovely sunshine and a temperature of 7.5 degrees with no cool breeze, I thought I would get Alabaster outside in the sunshine.  Taking into account that he has been indoors since his arrival, it was almost 7 weeks since he had worked in an outside arena.  Hence, I did put on the draw reins as a precaution.  Call me chicken, but I thought it safest for him and me.  Thankfully I didn’t need to use them and he enjoyed the time outside as much as I did.  It is such lovely surroundings that it is not hard to be happy and thankful for such an amazing opportunity.

Getting some Vitamin D

It was such a lovely day I thought Helen and I could do with some vitamin D, so we set off for a walk around the local area.  We found cute woods with both bike and walking paths through it and figured that we could ride a bike almost all the way to the stables.  1 hour and 3/4 later it was time to go and put Alabaster to bed for the night.

Jaybee Alabster's stable blockI’ve included photos of the stable block that Alabaster is residing in, along with Mary Hanna’s horse and Caroline Wagner’s horse.  We call it “Little Aus” as there are quite a few of us in there.  Bastie’s stable friend is a horse called Boogie Woogie. They are very close and Alabaster likes to play with Boogie’s tongue through the stable bars.  The stables are clean, airy and well managed by the wonderful Swedish grooms.  The waterers in the stable are smaller bowls with a bar at the bottom which the horse must push on to allow the water into the bowl to get a drink.  It is a very clean and efficient way of watering horses.  Alabaster is the first horse I have had overseas that figured out how to work it.  He is a very clever boy.  At this time of year, everybody is busy organising their gardens, flower beds and pots. Tulips and daffodils of various colours are really popular and very beautiful.


2 thoughts on “My World Cup Dressage Diary – 8th April – Easter Day

  1. Fantastic facilities Rachael, and how good to see a bit of sun!! I can actually see shadows in the pics.

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