My World Cup Dressage Diary – 10th April

Lizzie has asked me if I come across any unusual training ideas or gadgets on my overseas trips.

I have not comes across any unusual gear so far.  I will possibly have to ask to have a look in the brown paper bag at some point in a saddlery!  The training methods are no different to ours in Australia nowadays, at least those that I have seen so far.  There are always the extremes at both ends, but nothing different to what you or I or anybody else does at home that I’ve watched.  The more extreme versions of a training technique come depending on the personality of the horse in question or not.  Most of the stables I have been to are closed as much as our own personal stables at home are.  One big difference over here is that the horse paparazzi are everywhere.   A strange car parked on the side of the road could mean that there is someone lurking in the forest close by with a camera.  The professionals over here are very conscious of this and so indoor arenas are not only used in the winter and cold weather, but also for privacy for the elite professionals.  This is something that in Australia we don’t even think about.

If I come across any strange or useful tools for the trade I will take a photo for sure.  Love looking for the weird, wonderful and wacky.


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