My World Cup Dressage Diary – 14th and15th April

I’ve been asked what preparation I am doing this close to the Dressage World Cup and really it is pretty much the same as for any major competition.  And that is keeping to the basics of submission and suppleness.  If the basics are good then the rest follows.

When a big show is almost upon me I go through a phase of slight panic, doubts and second guessing – thoughts like “What am I doing here?”  and  “I am not going well enough to turn up to a big competition.”  It’s a phase I nearly always go through and I am always hopeful that it will not be true.

With only a few days to the World Cup I have to say that this “phase” of slight panic is setting in. It’s as if I am waiting for something to go wrong – what, I don’t know.  It is not easy.   Its strange but it seems I have to get through this uncomfortable “phase” to be fully ready for the event.  Fingers crossed that Jaybee Alabaster and I are ready, and ready at the same time.

So how am I coping?  As always, with Clemens Dierks help – he is very good at keeping me thinking and riding.  The basics – submission and suppleness.  If the basics are good then the rest can’t be too bad.

I find spending time with my family – sightseeing and lunch in some lovely places, helps me keep a balanced outlook.  Having my life revolve around only one horse to ride can make me a bit “loopy”, so being busy also helps and we are now preparing for the move to s’Hertogenbosch.

The photo is of Mum and Clemens recovering from a lesson I had!


4 thoughts on “My World Cup Dressage Diary – 14th and15th April

  1. Dear Rachael,
    You are a great rider, I have watched you & Alabaster for more than 3 years competing at CDI-Sydney & I think that you & Alabaster have gotten better every year. I was always in awe when watching Alabaster did his piaffe & passage. He seemed to float & he did them with grace.

    Dont doubt your ability because you are an amazing rider. I wish you all the very best.

    Good luck from down under Sydney.

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