My World Cup Dressage Diary – 17th and 18th April

Well at last we are off to s’Hertogenbosch (by the way still having trouble pronouncing that!) today.  Thought I would tap out a quick post before I pack up the computer and other IT stuff.

I am riding Jaybee Alabaster about 9.30am today, then loading the horses and setting out for the drive to s’Hertogenbosch and will meet the truck at the show. Hopefully check into the hotel and get that sorted so easier for later tonight. The hotel is about 13 minutes from the show, so not far and there are shuttle cars available to transport back and forth.

Planning with Clemens to have a little ride at the show, even a walk only. Trot up tomorrow morning (Thursday) and Grand Prix Friday. Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday and I think it is finished by late afternoon so we should be back home by 10pm Saturday night.

Helen is going in  the truck with Alabaster and staying in the truck during the show with Patrik’s groom.

Well I have to pack up the computer now, so hopefully up and running later tonight from the hotel.

Talk again soon!

Let’s go…..


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