Some thoughts on the World Cup Dressage at s’Hertogenbosch

Been a little tricky over the the last couple of days as you may have seen if you caught up with the live FEI TV! However we recovered well in the Grand Prix Freestyle today and I was delighted how Bastie went.

In the Grand Prix, Jaybee Alabaster just kind of froze in the arena as he was scared and a bit overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere.  Alabaster couldnt understand what the TV screens were and that put him off.  Above, there was a score board that kept changing as the scores were put up for each movement and during the one time changes, Bastie caught the light changing above him and freaked. However, there were too many  errors in the Grand Prix test.  Not a great test and we were all disappointed. As Richard Davidson, from Great Britain kindly said in his commentary, “…the horse is a much better horse than he is showing in the Grand Prix today.  He is really under performing.”

However this morning, before the freestyle, we had a bit of a tune up at 7.00am in the main arena again.  Alabaster allowed me to help him heaps more and didn’t get so cranky with me when I helped him. Our test was soooooo….. much better. I could keep his concentration easier and he really tried to do the right thing. We did come ahead of the USA and Polish riders which was nice. So maybe I had better luck. One judge was a little harsh I thought, but from being first out today we did recover a lot of ground over yesterdays performance and did a much better job for Australia and ourselves.

Congratulations to Adelinde and Parzival!  They were brilliant and very inspiring.

The organising committee were very very helpful and wonderfully kind to all of us from “Down Under”, as they say.  Even with our silly questions they were super generous and made us feel very welcome.  A very big thankyou to the organisers of the World Cup Dressage  Final in s’Hertogenbosch for their wonderful support during our time at the show.

Many thanks to all my supporters in Australia. It does mean soooo…. much to have the support from back home. Sorry I let everyone down in the Grand Prix, but I feel we did redeem ourselves and Australia in the Grand Prix Freestyle today.

Alabaster having a quiet couple of days. Next weekend is Hagen and then Mannheim, which is the first Aussie Olympic qualifier for the London Olympics.  At Hagen there is expected to be quite a few Aussie competitors and supporters.  See you there.

Thankyou all again 🙂


16 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the World Cup Dressage at s’Hertogenbosch

  1. onwards to the next comp, you are only warming up for the main event of the campaign you know! Glad that Basti was able to re-gain his confidence & that you were getting closer to your usual scores. Can’t wait to see the results from the Hagen. Hang in there…

  2. Hi Rachael the O’Rourke’s watched you last night, the internet is an amazing thing, you did great and we are very proud. You are just warming up for London and we look forward to following that journey with you. Best wishes Ally, Greg, Livvy and Matt xxx

  3. Rach you little beauty, onwards and upwards chica you did a stella job recovering for the Kur. Sh** happens sometimes, keep picking yourself up like the trooper you are. Im super proud, not only are you a beautiful rider but you are an absolutely gorgeous person with it …. two things which dont always go hand in hand. You deserve to do well, best of luck with all the upcoming comps.
    xxx luv Hayds

  4. Dear Rachael, you dont have to apologise for anything……you deserve to be there!. The World Stage is very daunting, not only to you, but Alabaster. You have done Australia proud…..and with dignity!…….move on, and learn from the experience. Maybe have Alabaster get used to flashing lights…..he is going to be seeing lots of them, as are you!!!!! Wishing you all the very best in this lead up to London……and on a personal note, dont look back…….you’ll get a sore neck! Look forward and follow your dream………………Suellen

  5. Rachael you did a fabulous job with Bastie in the Grand Prix when he was so scared – quite understandably too… the Freestyle was brilliant – you must be so proud… we are all our harshest critic at times … don’t be …. we would all love to be able to achieve what you have done!!

  6. Here is Aus we are so so proud of you Rachael…as Samantha said you didnt let any of us down. You are one of the most deserving riders to be wearing the Australian flag. And horses, being horses all have strange quirks we just werent expecting, but they all come out in the ring! Keep smiling and keep showing all of Europe that Australian Dressage is coming forward in leaps and bounds! Good luck!

    • Hi Melissa and thanks for writing. You are right if they were predictable we wouldn’t enjoy them so much would we? They certainly pick their moments though!
      Best wishes and thanks for your support.

  7. Well done Rachael, fantastic to come back so well after he was so scared the day before. All the best for Hagen and Mannheim

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