Amazing Show at Hagen

Hagen is an amazing show. Everything you could possible want or need is available. There were over 700 horses altogether, both showjumping and dressage.  Spent the weekend enjoying it all and relaxing while Jaybee Alabaster also had a rest.

The standard of the dressage was incredible and sooooo…. high. The loveliest horses I think I have ever seen anywhere. The Aussie’s did really well, especially Lyndal Oatley.

Here is a link to a good review of Lyndal’s performance on Sandro Boy:

Hagen is a beautiful show. Plenty of room to see the warm ups as well as the competition arena. This year was a Great Britain theme with the London Olympics just around the corner. You could have everything from fish and chips (with vinegar) to almost any sort of english beer or ale. There were men in kilts playing bag pipes or throwing things in old style British games (anyone know what this is called?)  The music in the eating and shopping areas was all great 80’s style english music. There was a Beatles tribute band….. Absolutely fabulous and a lot of fun. Of course a couple of red double-decker buses and red telephone booths. You could almost be mistaken which country you were in.  

The dressage was incredible. It was great to see a few more Aussie’s. Everyone is gearing up for Mannheim, our 1st Australian Olympic Qualifier, next week

Go Aussie’s Go!

Will keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Show at Hagen

  1. If the men “throwing things” were wearing kilts, then it is a Scottish event, held at all Highland Games & Gatherings called ‘tossing the caber’ 🙂

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