Of Birthdays, Turkeys and Mannheim!

We have had a birthday in our group over here!
There was a special request put in for a traditonal type of German meal – turkey, boiled potatoes, red cabbage and German bread.
See the photo of this ‘World First’ : the very first turkey that mum or I had ever cooked. Mum bravely took on the challenge of the turkey. It was amazing. Went down really well.  Won’t be the last that’s for sure.Thankyou Patrik and Lyndal for helping so much to make the day really special.  The birthday cake was wonderful and made the day.
It was great having Bev, Jaybee Alabaster’s owner, coming to visit at Patrik’sstables and for us all to catch up with her.
Clemens is still recovering (so he claims!) from the Hagen CDI and teaching me. I apparently make him work too hard with no rest.  It is so good to have him here despite all his little complaints – thanks Judy!

Also, in regards to Mannheim, the first Aussie London Olympic Qualifier, we are leaving on Thursday, the vet inspection is Friday and the Grand Prix is Saturday (5th May). All of us Aussies getting ready for the head-to-head at Mannheim. It will be great to see some familiar faces though. It will be quite a show and I’m so looking forward to it.

At last the weather has improved enormously over the past two days, reaching 24 degrees, and dare I say it, hot. T-shirt weather. I must have acclimatised.

Happy riding!


3 thoughts on “Of Birthdays, Turkeys and Mannheim!

  1. What an amazing cake!! Love the green icing. Good luck for MANNHEIM from us all in VICTORIA and the YARRA VALLEY. Go Rachel!

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