May Day Celebrations and Preparation for Mannheim

Spring is here.  Tee-shirt weather at last!  Feels good.

Yesterday was MAI DAY here in Germany. It is a public holiday. People set up fairs in all the little villages and spend the day bike riding and walking along the paths, having picnics or eating in the beer gardens around the area. They pull little wagons that are full of food and drink and really enjoy the day. It is a day to celebrate the good spring/summer weather that has started.

Helen and I decided to go to my favourite little village called Billerbeck. We spent alot of time there in 2007. It has a super “feel” to the place and the locals are just wonderful, warm and friendly.  We took part in the fair, which has carnival rides, games, dodgem cars etc. We had a wonderful few hours

enjoying the lovely spring weather and the sun.

It is such a different place over here when the weather turns for the better. The trees are getting leaves and all the flowers are coming out. The sky is blue and clear. Not every day, but a lot more often now.

We leave for Mannheim tomorrow morning.  I will ride Jaybee Alabaster before we load the truck and then set off for the 4 hour or so trek along the autobans. I think I am as ready as I can be for this first Olympic Qualifier. A bit of “good luck” never hurts though!


12 thoughts on “May Day Celebrations and Preparation for Mannheim

  1. Congratulations!! And Good Luck!! Have a great day and good luck Go Rachel, we’re backing you I hope you have a wonderful ride!!  

    Can’t wait to hear how you go!!

  2. Best of Luck Rachael……enjoy and live it up! Let the years of hard shine through. Fingers crossed

  3. Wishing you all the very best of luck for this next challenge Rachael! Looking forward to reading all about it on your blog, hearing your thoughts really makes everyone feel part of what you are doing. Cheers

  4. T-shirts! Now that IS exciting! Best of luck to you and all the Aussie’s heading to Mannheim this week!

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