All 8 Aussie combinations are starters for the Mannheim Grand Prix Tonight!

Sorry there haven’t been too many updates from Mannheim but the wi-fi at the hotel is not working too well so this is coming to you by carrier pigeon!  I’ve got some photos too but can’t get them through.  Will post them when I can.  Everyone is having the same problem.

Mannheim is a very big show. Over 5 hours of Grand Prix altogether.  Trot up went well for the Aussies so we are all starting.  Unfortunately there is no live TV stream but here is the link on my blog to the start list with riding times for the Aussie riders:

We have two selectors here, high performance manager and chef d’equip. We had another quick ride in the main arena at 6am this morning. Very glamorous sport this dressage!  Do need some sleep soon. Then back to the hotel for breakfast and a bit of a rest then back to the show by 1.00pm to watch the start of the Grand Prix.  Apparently it could be only the top 12 combinations to go through to the Grand Prix Special tomorrow.  And there is no freestyle. Fingers crossed I have a good Grand Prix. All horses seem to be in form and all Aussie riders are in good spirits.  Jaybee Alabaster is going well.

There is a huge market next door called the “Maimarket” that provides great shopping for
anything from house to farm equipment.  Mind you I have not had much time to get around it!


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