Mannheim Dressage Olympic Qualifier 1 – my thoughts

What can I say:

Mannheim did not go well for me as you will know from my Grand Prix score.
There are many factors that contributed to a result that was not so good for me and some, I am trying to still figure out. However, at the end of it all, it did not happen for me at Mannheim.

The storm was amazing just as the Grand Prix was about to start.  It was an outdoor arena so everyone went back to the stables to shelter but were all soaked and freezing cold, including the horses.  Five minutes later they restarted and we were all back out again.  Outdoor arenas and weather go together!  That’s just how it is!

But the good news for Australia is that three of our riders got into the Grand Prix Special with great results.  Amazing effort from Lyndal Oatley, Hayley Beresford and Kristy Oatley.  It has been a good competition for Australia and it looks to be an awesome team lining up for the London Olympics that will represent Australia. We now all aim for Compiegne in France for the 2nd qualifier.

Go Aussie’s Go!


14 thoughts on “Mannheim Dressage Olympic Qualifier 1 – my thoughts

  1. Hi Rachael, what happened on the weekend happened stop thinking about what ifs or !! You are there for a reason and that is to be selected as a member of the 2012 London Olypmics representing Australia. I just want you to remember one thing do it for you and for Bastie, the rest will fall into place. By the way I was pretty happy to win the caption comp of Helen’s pic, so what was the prize ?? 🙂 LOL all good Keep living the dream, you CAN DO IT YES YOU CAN!!!!! Cheers Earle

  2. Rach, don’t worry you’ll pull it together when it counts! You don’t want to peak too early. You have nothing to prove, we all know you are fab xxx

    “Somewhere behind the rider you’ve become, the hours of practice you’ve put in and the coaches that have pushed you, is the little girl who fell in love with the sport and never looked back. Ride for her.”

  3. Hi Rach you need to tie your self to a tree and have a word with your self lol 🙂 keep your eye on the prize and the fire in your belly. Now get out there and bring home the gold x

    • Thanks to you all at James’ Home Services for your sponsorship and for your support. I really appreciate it. It has been fun wearing the James’ uniform and I did a photo shoot wearing it! I put some of the photos on the blog. Here is the link. Will get some more to you. I really like the brand and it certainly gets attention doesn’t it? 🙂 Good to see on facebook so many James’ people with great businesses and so obviously enjoying what they do.
      Love your “Gold Medal Service” theme.
      Best wishes
      PS. If anyone wants to get into your own business and “Be your own boss” have a look at the James’ website and give them a call

  4. Hi Rachael,

    Keep going! I am sorry it was a disappointing result but know you will be able to pull it together for the next one. I remember a wise dressage rider once said in an interview it is not the mistakes you make but how quickly you can recover from them that counts ( I often think about that when my horse is shying at C, B and then A). So keep going!

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