Time Off in Dusseldorf

One of the great privileges of riding for Australia overseas is that I get to see some beautiful places and to learn about them.  With only Jaybee Alabaster to work with, that means I can spend time with him in the morning and then have some time exploring and enjoying the country.

Fortunately the rain held off today.  We had a lovely wander around Dusseldorf and dare I say, Thai for lunch.  Aldstadt, the Old Town, was my favourite part of Dusseldorf. There was lots of work being done on the buildings, so it was difficult to get photos without scaffolding in the pics.  Also the elections are on Sunday, so heaps of people about at rallys to listen to government officials and a big police presence.

The Old Town is all cobblestone streets and cute shops, with a farmers market in the middle and heaps of eating, drinking or just to hang out type of street cafes.  It is amazing what you see, just people-watching while having a coffee.

It is an easy city to get your bearings, so off we wandered through the Old Town, Kornigsalle and along the Rheine river. The river was full of barges carrying their cargo and tourists along with the locals, just watching them go by.

I discovered I am not a fan of driving along-side the trams. It is easy enough to jump onto the red double-decker bus that goes past tourist highlights.  You can get on and off as much as you like.  Jump on a tram or even take a rickshaw ride.  We prefered walking and checking out the sights.

Check out the bread in this bakery. Locals and tourist alike, just stand and stare in through the window and discuss which is the best bread.  We had 4 locals tell us which bread to get, as it was “the best.”  None of them picked the same bread. What a dilemma!!

Thanks for all those great caption ideas!  Keep them coming! Link here


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