Aussie Results for the Grand Prix at Compiegne

Here are the final Aussie Grand Prix results from Compiegne:

Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy – 70.97%

Mary Hanna and Sancette  68.61%

Kristy Oatley and Clive – 68.19%

Rozzie Ryan and Gv Bullwinkle  67.85%

Kristy Oatley and Ronan – 67.34%

Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW –  66.95%

Brett Parberry and Lord of Loxley  66.93%

Mary Hanna and Sancette  65.83%

Chantal Wigan and Ferero  64.91%

If you want to compare the results from the first qualifier at Mannheim you will find them by clicking here:  Results from Mannheim

Well done all of you – the pressure would have been huge…..

Will post the final full set of results soon.

Go Aussies Go!


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