More about Albert and Cederic

Thanks so much for all your interest and questions about Albert and Cederic.  Have had heaps of requests for more info. on them both.
6 year old, bay gelding.
Sire – Jaybee Alabaster
Dam – Yardley Aphrodite
Height – about 168cm
Albert has had about 10 days lunging and is being ridden now at walk, trot and a little canter for about 20 mins altogether. Albert is such a lovely natured boy and so much fun to ride.
3 1/2 year old, brown/grey gelding
Sire – Quite Capitol
Dam – Yardley Charisma
Height – about 167cm
Cederic has had about 6 days lunging, 3 shampoos and recently (yesterday) a full body clip. First ride coming up shortly. Cederic looks fantastic now, and myself and Brett will be planning Cederic’s first outing. Probably somewhere low key to get him used to the wide world. Cederic is really loving all the extra attention. He has such an amazingly beautiful and patient character.
Ride Well!

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