Hayley Beresford Loses Appeal for Australian Olympic Selection | eurodressage

Hayley Beresford’s appeal to be included on the Australian Olympic Dressage team has been overturned.  This is how it was reported by Eurodressage:

“Australian Olympic reserve rider Hayley Beresford has lost her appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The German based Beresford appealed because she did not get an Australian Olympic team spot.

Beresford, a 2008 Australian Olympic team rider, and Zuchthof Schmidt’s Westfalian licensed stallion Belissimo scored the third highest qualification score at the two official Olympic selection trials in Mannheim and Compiegne but was not granted a team spot by selectors Joanne Fowler, Maria Schewennesen, and Virginia Creed. The selectors made last minute changes to the selection rules to “legalize” their current team selection.

“I have lost my appeal and last chance to represent Australia at the Olympics. I am deeply devastated and at this moment cannot find the words to explain the selection process,” a very disappointed and saddened Beresford said.

“I wish team mates Kristy and Lyndal Oatley and Mary Hanna the very best and will endeavor to positively support you as the reserve until the Games.”

At the 2012 CDIO Aachen yesterday Beresford scored the highest mark of all Australian riders in the CDIO Grand Prix, beating both Olympic nominated Lyndal and Kristy Oatley.  Despite being selected on the dressage team for Aachen, Olympic team rider Mary Hanna elected not to contest this year’s event with Sancette (by Sandro Hit).”

Best wishes to Lyndal and Kristy Oatley and Mary Hanna for your preparations.

Go Aussie Go!

Ride Well!


via Hayley Beresford Loses Appeal with CAS on Australian Olympic Selection | eurodressage.

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