The Aussie Dressage Team comes together at Frensham Manor

Mary Hanna has posted an interesting article on her blog with an update on Sancette and their preparations for the London Olympics.  Sancette travelled well and ariived safely but it took a few days for him to settle into his new stables at Frensham Manor, where the team will be training until they move into the Olympic Village.

Lyndal, Kristy and Rozzie arrive any day. Knowing them there will be some team bonding! Their first trip to the Olympic Village will be uniform day.

Click here to visit Mary’s blog and get the full story.

The training facilities at Frensham Manor are fantastic and the main house is beautiful.

Here are a few shots:

If you want to read more about it Click here

Go Aussie! Go!  So exciting for you.  We are all with you 🙂

Ride Well!




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