Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival Grand Prix Freestyle Video

Here is the video just released by FEI TV on Adelinde and Parzival’s amazing personal best 89% Grand Prix Freestyle win in Lyons.  See some of the highlights and an interview with Adelinde.

Enjoy it!

Ride Well!


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2 thoughts on “Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival Grand Prix Freestyle Video

  1. What an absolute buzz that must be. Fabulous fabulous score and well deserving! The music was so fitting to that horse. What inspires your music selection for your kur’s Rachael?

    • Hi Melissa, the hardest part is finding music that grabs me and is uplifting. It must be music that I’m happy to listen to, and ride to, over and over again. My inspiration for freestyle music comes from listening to sound tracks of my favourite movies, or my mum’s favourite movies, tv shows and musicals. I really love to try and get a theme running through the music that will tell a story. Softer parts in the music and stronger parts in the music. I am a listener of the pop type radio stations in general but I also switch channels to other radio stations to try and find music that gets emotions moving. I like music that is uplifting and positive. It can have a strong beat or may just be a lovely section from a piece of music that will join well and suit a particular part in the choreography.
      Finding music for a freestyle is the hardest part of the whole process.

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