New Arena Ready to Go for Lessons

New Dressage Arena

New Dressage Arena

Exciting times!

My new dressage arena is completed.

I have spent the past few months helping in the planning, designing and construction of my new dressage arena. Earthworks, retaining walls, timber and paint. The final load of sand has been spread by the talented contractor.

It is brilliant and I am really pleased with it.  I have ridden Albert on it every day since it was finished.

Now I am available for lessons. If you would like to book a lesson, please give me a call or text on my mobile, message me on Facebook or email me directly on:

Just leave your contact details and I will get back to you.

Ride Well!


4 thoughts on “New Arena Ready to Go for Lessons

  1. RachaeI, your arena is very impressive. Would you mind passing on the details of your designer/ contractor, or any other tips ( like who to avoid, sourcing materials. Also, is your arena crowned or sloped? I note you have some fairly sloping land behind, so the drainage must be good. Is the surface washed river sand or another combination product? I am just making some decisions about my own arena building, in the Freeman’s Reach area. Cheers.

    • Hi Miranda,

      Thanks for your questions. My arena has a gentle slope towards one corner. There is an ag pipe around the cutting to collect the water off the hill. The surface is double washed river sand, so hardly any dust. There is a sandstone base but also on top of that is a couple of inches of metal dust watered and rolled as well. The metal dust that didn’t roll directly into the base is designed to mix with the sand, hopefully stablizing the surface particularly in heavy rain (which has worked so far), and also helps prevent the horses from reaching the base and digging through.

      The contractor is Glenn Milliard. Email –

      Glenn has done a remarkable job building my arena and his work is impeccable. I highly recommend making contact and seeing what he has to say if you are looking at putting in an arena. Glen has also sourced great quality material at very reasonable prices.

      Good Luck and Ride Well!


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