Charlotte Dujardin Record Performance at European Dressage Championships

Another record for Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro today at the European Dressage Champs.  Her score of 85.942% beats her London Olympic score in the Grand Prix, and her previous record of 84.447% at the London International Horse Show at Olympia. Great ride too from Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill on a score of 84.377% and in second place.

Here are the top 12 scores so far.  Congratulations to Patrik Kittel and Toy Story with 73.283%.  Lyndal Oatley will be happy with hubbie and even more with Toy!

Germany in first place, in the team event, with Netherlands and Great Britain in second and third – very close indeed!

Herning 20

Herning 21

Herning 22

Five more combinations to go in this huge field of over sixty.  That would be a judging challenge……:-)

Ride Well!


For the full Click Here

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