Albert – Inter 1 – NSW State Dressage Championships

Great weekend, great weather, excellent state championships.  Congratulations to all the combinations. So good to see so many horses and riders on the verge of very impressive performances.

Was so pleased with Albert’s performance in the Inter 1.  This was only his second experience of the indoor arena and he did very well and I was extremely happy with him.  We had some anxious moments though :-), and we lost it completely in the canter zig-zags (I think we scored a “3” for that) which badly effected our overall score!  At the end of the day our score of 63.25% reflected our performance.  This is all excellent experience for Albert.  He has come a long way in a short time.

Ride Well!


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2 thoughts on “Albert – Inter 1 – NSW State Dressage Championships

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