Cederic excels at “new look” Clarendon Comp

Congratulations to Dressage New South Wales for running an awesome January competition in sweltering conditions at Clarendon.  The “new look” Clarendon comp exceeded expectations and we were well looked after with much water, free tea and coffee, and even iceblocks (how good was that – and especially welcomed by spectators and riders).  Not forgetting the free carrots for all horses and ponies.

Cederic Clarendon Jan 13 3

Cederic was awesome and is coming on beautifully.  Very happy rider indeed.  He scored 70.227% in the Elementary 3.1 and 64.583% in the Elementary 3.2.

Great to catch up with everybody.

Ride Well!


Clarendon Dressage Protocol Day

The Clarendon Protocol days are a great way to introduce young horses to the arenas without any of the pressures of competition.  It is an opportunity to ride in front of top level dressage judges and to get feedback from them.

I took Cederic and Albert to the last one, and Brett Peel rode Cederic for me.  Both horse and rider went really well and we learnt a lot from the judge’s feedback.  It is also great to take more experienced horses as they move up to the next level. I will be taking them again.

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Cederic’s First Outing!

What a great start.  Took Cederic down to Clarendon to get used to the big wide world and the dressage arenas.  He took it all in his stride and I was really, really pleased with him.  Brett rode him in the warm-up arena and Cederic went so well for him.  No problems at all.  I’d say he has some of his mother’s temperament.

Planning to take him to his first competition very soon so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoy the video.

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More about Albert and Cederic

Thanks so much for all your interest and questions about Albert and Cederic.  Have had heaps of requests for more info. on them both.
6 year old, bay gelding.
Sire – Jaybee Alabaster
Dam – Yardley Aphrodite
Height – about 168cm
Albert has had about 10 days lunging and is being ridden now at walk, trot and a little canter for about 20 mins altogether. Albert is such a lovely natured boy and so much fun to ride.
3 1/2 year old, brown/grey gelding
Sire – Quite Capitol
Dam – Yardley Charisma
Height – about 167cm
Cederic has had about 6 days lunging, 3 shampoos and recently (yesterday) a full body clip. First ride coming up shortly. Cederic looks fantastic now, and myself and Brett will be planning Cederic’s first outing. Probably somewhere low key to get him used to the wide world. Cederic is really loving all the extra attention. He has such an amazingly beautiful and patient character.
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What a good clip can do!

Cederic was finally clipped today. He looks amazing.  Here are some “before” and “after” shots.  If you want a better view click on the pics!




My excellent breaker, Brett, will be riding him from now on and I may even have a sit occasionally.  I will get some video footage of Brett on him in the next couple of days and get it up here for you to see.

For Albert I am aiming for two competition starts in early August.  Albert is entered for Hawkesbury Dressage at SIEC on the 5th August. That will be his first official comp. Then at Dressage NSW on the 11th August. Over the next 2 weeks, if the weather is good, Albert will be having some fun days out close to home.  My goal is to qualify him for the Nationals in a lower level.

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Introducing my young boy Cederic!

Introducing Cederic my three-and-a-half year old gelding.  His mother is Yardley Charisma, my first international Grand Prix horse, so he is particularly special.  He has been broken in for about a year but has been in the paddock for the last seven months while I was overseas for my Olympic bid.  I am going to bring him back into work and thought it might be interesting to share some videos with you as we get ready for his first outing.

Ride Well!