Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival are out of Dutch Olympic Qualifier

After her fabulous performance and winning ride at the World Cup Dressage it is so sad to see Adelinde and Parzival withdrawing from the Dutch Olympic qualifier.  I know how she will be feeling at the moment.  Let’s hope Parzival has time to recover for the second trial in Rotterdam.

Here is how it was reported by Equestrian Life Magazine:

“Olympic hopeful Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival OUT of Dutch Dressage  Championships.

Holland’s Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival will miss the first mandatory Olympic Dressage observation trials at the Dutch Championships and are not yet confirmed as definite starters for the second trial in Rotterdam.

The combination must now be in serious doubt for Olympic selection as Dutch Technical Director Maarten Van der Heijdn advised “Our starting point is that both observation trials are ridden by Team candidates, by riding only one of the two, chances for Team selection will reduce”.

Anja Plonzke 7th in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the World Dressage Masters

Watch Anja Plönzke and Le Mont d’Or in their Grand Prix Freestyle at the World Dressage Masters in Munich.  They were in 7th place on a score of  75.225%.


Liesbeth Seierkilde World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Freestyle 6th Place

This combination was not easy for the commentator :-).  Another outstanding performance at the World Dressage Masters from Liesbeth Seierkilde and Jonstrupgaardens for 6th place and 75.875%.

Hope you enjoy it.


Nadine Capellmann and Elvis in Grand Prix Special at World Dressage Masters

Here is another one for you.  Nadine Capellman and Elvis VA came 5th with a score of 76.5% in the Grand Prix Special.


Dorothee Schneider Grand Prix Freestyle World Dressage Masters

It’s a bit tough when you score 78.25% and end up in fourth place, don’t you think?!  Just shows the brilliance at this level at the World Dressage Masters…….so inspiring and so much to learn……really great Grand Prix Freestyle test Dorothee Schneider and Diva Royal!

Ride well!


Victoria Max-Theurer’s Grand Prix Freestyle at the World Dressage Masters

Many of you have messaged me asking for more videos from the Grand Prix Freestyle at the World Dressage Masters…….so I thought I would share some more with you.  You’ve already seen Valentina Truppa and Isabell Werth’s stunning performances.  Here is Victoria Max-Theurer and Augustin (Scored 81.05%).

Congratulations Victoria on being the most successful rider overall at this years World Dressage Masters.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of the performance.


Isabell Werth’s Grand Prix Freestyle at the World Dressage Masters

And here is Isabell Werth and El Santo’s response to Valentina’s ride.  Hard to separate them as the scores show. Can you?

How good was that?


Watch Valentina Truppa’s fantastic Grand Prix Freestyle win at the World Dressage Masters

Here is the video!  She is an amazing rider…..

Ride well!


World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Freestyle – Valentina wins!

Apologies for taking a while to get these results to you but my days are busy at the moment.

Congratulations Valentina Truppa!  That was a beautiful performance….84.25%……closely followed by Isabell Werth on 84.05%.  Will get a video up here soon….

I know a few of you stayed up to watch back home in Aussie.  What did you think?


Video of Richard Davison’s win in the Grand Prix Special at the World Dressage Masters

Here is Richard Davison’s winning ride for the Grand Prix Special on Hiscox at the World Dressage Masters.

He was asked afterwards why he had pulled out of the Grand Prix Freestyle in favour of the Special.  He explained that to qualify for the British Olympic team he must qualify in the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Freestyle and the Grand Prix Special.  As he has already qualified in the Grand Prix and the freestyle he had to qualify in the Special.  Reckon he’s got his place now!

What are your thoughts on his performance?