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Horseland’s new Autumn/Winter 2014 clothing range is exceptional and the range just gets better and better. Not only does the clothing have great style but it is amazingly comfortable.  The  “wash and wear” fabric is brilliant – so practical and lasts forever.  Might catch you there in store on my next visit!  Check out the latest Horseland Autumn/Winter  Brochure here:
Visit the website here:
You can find the nearest store to you here:
HorsePower produces sensational scientific nutritious feed products and additives.
  • My favorite feeds for my performance horses, at any age and training, and at any level of dressage are the HorsePower Equestrian pellets and the HorsePower Sweetfeed 4.
  • ” The longer your horses are fed with these feeds, the less you have to feed. Very cost effective feeding but most importantly, your horses are getting the nutrition they require to look their best and perform at their best. From breaking-in to International Grand Prix Dressage.
  • HorsePower have a great range of feed additives including; electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and hoof food.
  • Their service is fantastic and I have always valued their specialist advice.  HorsePower is also a great supporter of our sport.
Check out the HorsePower website on this link:
You can find out your nearest HorsePower supplier by clicking here.

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