The Best Support Crew – Ever

Introducing my support crew  – always there – always cheering for me.  A big thank you to all you guys.

Support Crew Sydney CDI 2015

Here’s the challenge….who can name them all?

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Amazing Weekend at Sydney CDI with Silbermond

John Lieutenant Memorial trophyWhat an amazing weekend I have had with Silbermond.  Not only winning the Intermediate Freestyle but also being awarded the John Lieutenant Memorial Trophy – this award is presented to the individual horse/rider combination obtaining the best two (2) official scores.   Silbermond is a very special horse and we are having a lot of fun together. My huge thanks to his wonderful owners for allowing me the ride and for the incredible support they give me.

Here is the video of the freestyle:

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Announcement by Equestrian Australia – Olympic Dressage Combinations

Hi Everyone!

This announcement was made by Equestrian Australia today.  Nothing final as yet it seems.  Congratulations to all three nominees.


On Thursday 7 June, Equestrian Australia’s national Dressage selectors identified the three horse and rider combinations to be nominated to the Australian Olympic Committee for selection to the 2012 Australian Olympic Team.

The horse and rider combinations are:

Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy

Kristy Oatley and Clive

Mary Hanna and Sancette

Equestrian Australia’s nomination policy gives athletes 48 hours to lodge an appeal against the nominated team.  Equestrian Australia can confirm that during that period, a rider has lodged an appeal which will be heard by an independent tribunal in due course.

During this time Equestrian Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee are unable to make further comment.

The Australian Olympic Committee will announce the Dressage team’s final selection.”

No date was given for the announcement by the Australian Olympic Committee.

Click here for the original announcement.

Have your say…….what are your thoughts?

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Lyndal Oatley set to make her Olympic Games debut

Congratulations Lyndal – so well deserved!  Here is the announcement from Equestrian Australia:

“Lyndal Oatley’s dream of representing Australia at an Olympic Games has been a 12 year work in progress and after a succession of strong performances at recent Australian team nomination events the 32 year old Dressage rider is on the verge of realising her long held ambition.

Lyndal and her ride, the 11 year old bay stallion Sandro Boy, are the highest placed Australian combination at the end of the two round nomination process which will see them automatically nominated* to the AOC for a position on the three member Dressage team.

The team’s remaining two members will be chosen by national selectors over the coming days.

This is not the first time that an Oatley has been nominated to an Australian Dressage team. Lyndal’s cousin Kristy, who is also contesting team selection, is already a two time Olympian having represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Lyndal started her Olympic journey after watching Kristy compete at the 2000 Olympic Games and she couldn’t be happier about her nomination to the team and the chance to ride into the Greenwich Park arena in London.

“This is a fabulous dream come true and I am one happy girl. It has been a long journey to get to this point and I am thrilled to be going to my first Olympic Games,” she said.

Lyndal and Sandro Boy were cool under pressure in last night’s CDI3* Grand Prix at Compiegne, France. The combination scored 70.894% which saw them finish in fourth position overall.

“I’m so happy with his (Sandro Boy) consistency and his performance, he performs so well under pressure and he tries with every step, he’s got a great attitude and I’m thrilled with how we performed today,” Lyndal said.

“I’m excited that we’ll get the opportunity to compete in London,” she added.

Equestrian Australia’s High Performance Manager Brett Mace said the London bound Australian Dressage team is shaping up to be a smart outfit.

“Our riders showed a lot of promise today particularly in the way they handled the pressure. Competing for a position on an Olympic Games team is an intense situation to be faced with and our riders handled it well which is a really positive thing to see leading into London,” said Mace

“The overall performance by all of our riders was very high and this is evident when we look at the leaderboard and see three riders in the top eight,” he added.

Joining Lyndal in the top eight was her cousin Kristy and Clive (68.234%) and triple Olympian Mary Hanna and Sancette (68.234%), with experience making all the difference for both riders in last night’s all important nomination event.

Six combinations will be in action again in tomorrow’s (tonight – Australian local time) Grand Prix Special which will commence at 7pm AEST. Kristy Oatley and Mary Hanna will also start in the Grand Prix Freestyle which will get underway at 2:30pm Sunday AEST.

Following this, Australian selectors will meet to decide which combinations will fill the remaining two positions on the team which will represent Australia in London.”

The selection of Lyndal and Sandro Boy will, of course, be dependent on Sandro Boy passing the Vet Check tomorrow.

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via Lyndal Oatley set to make her Olympic Games debut.

Report from Compiegne in Dressage News

Congratulations to all the Aussie riders who competed.  Qualifers for such big events bring a lot of extra pressure on the riders.  Whoever is selected I am sure we are going to have a great team for London. It will be a hard job for the selectors I am sure.  Team to be announced on 6th June.  Here is a full report from Compiegne from Dressage News:


Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy on Saturday all but secured a start in Olympic dressage competition beginning in exactly two months with the top finish of Australians in the Grand Prix at Compiègne, France, for two successive victories in the two selection trials for her nation.

Lyndal and the 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Hit x Utopia x Argentinus) scored a personal best of 70.894 per cent to place fourth overall in the CDI3*, surpassing the 70.468 per cent the pair received at Hagen, Germany, in April. The German-based Aussie also won the Grand Prix on her family’s Sandro Boy in the first selection trial at Mannheim, Germany, a month ago.

Australian Olympic veteran Mary Hanna on Sancette was the second placed Australian horse and rider with 68.638 per cent in seventh place overall with Lyndal’s cousin, Kristy Oatley and Clive, also based in Germany, the third highest pair with 68.234 per cent in eighth place. Clive did not compete in the first trial at Mannheim.

Rozzie Ryan and GV Bullwinkle were next on 67.851 per cent, then Kristy and Ronan II on 67.490 per cent, followed by Brett Parbery on Lord of Loxley with 67.106 per cent and the German-based Hayley Beresford and Bellissimo NRW on 67.085 per cent. Other Australians were Mary Hanna and Umbro on 65.787 per cent and Chantal Wigan and Ferero on 64.915 per cent.

Saturday’s ride was in perfect sunny weather in contrast to Mannheim when a deluge as Lyndal and Sandro Boy entered the arena forced the pair to seek shelter. Despite the rain, they were the highest placed Australians and prompted Lyndal to jokingly refer to her horse as “Storm Boy.”

She and Sandro Boy was the only Australian combination to score above 70 per cent in either the two Grand Prix and the Olympic Grand Prix Special in the so-called nomination events.

“I am very happy with Sandro Boy,” said Lyndal who rode on her first Australian championship team with Potifar at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010.

“Today was a great effort for the entire Aussie team and things now will be very interesting.”

Carol and Andrew Oatley, Lyndal’s parents and owners of Sandro Boy, returned to watch this weekend’s competition, as they did at Mannheim. Her sister, Nicky, and her husband were also there.

“So I felt the love well and truly.”

Patrik Kittel, her husband and one of the world’s elite riders who has already been nominated by Sweden for their Olympic team, flew in and out of Compiègne.

“Everyone really put in a huge effort to be there for me and I’m so glad I was able to do a good job,” she said.

The Australian selection procedures are a long list of variables–everything from arena footing, to weather to team spirit and numerous other factors, plus the caveat: “…Nomination Events do not automatically position one horse and Athlete combination above another in terms of nomination.”

All horses in contention for nomination to the Australian Olympic Committee will undergo a final veterinary examination on Monday, June 4.

Equestrian Australia, the Australian equestrian federation, will advise the Australian Olympic Committee of the dressage team for the Olympics, on Wednesday, June 6. The deadline for nominations is June 22.”


Equestrian Australia Promotional Video for the London Olympics

Equestrian Australia and Peter Haynes have done a great job with this video for the Aussie Equestrian team for the London Olympics.

Thinking of you all on the Aussie Dressage Shadow team competing for final selection at Compiegne this weekend.  Such a good team.  You all deserve to make it.  Miss you lots. Ride well.

Will get the results up here just as soon as I get them.

Go Aussie Go!


A big “Thank You” to all my supporters

Thank you for all your messages of support for me and Jaybee Alabaster since the announcement by Equestrian Australia yesterday.  Please accept this as my personal thanks to everyone.

It has been a very disappointing and sad time for my team, both here in Europe and back home in Australia. I would like to thank John and Bev Edwards of Jaybee Farm, for giving  me the ride on Jaybee Alabaster. The owners of horses in Olympic contention have obviously put many years into a long term project, such as producing an International Grand Prix horse and are there for both the highs and lows. Jaybee Alabaster, or Bastie as those close refer to him, has proven to be an exceptional International Grand Prix horse. We have all had some wonderful success over the years. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be this time around for the London Olympics 2012.

Speaking on behalf of my whole support team, I would like to send a huge “THANKYOU” to everyone for their wonderful support over the years and particularly during our time in Europe. We have have been truly over-whelmed and humbled by the kindness shown, both from back home and here in Germany, where the hospitality and encouragement has been fantastic.

On a brighter note, the rest of the Australian Dressage Shadow Team will be competing in Compiegne, France this week. This is the final nomination event for these riders and horses to make the Australian Olympic Team. The very best of luck to these combinations: Hayley Beresford and BelissimoNRW, Mary Hanna and Sancette, Lyndal Oatley and Potifar, Brett Parbery and Lord of Loxley, Rozzie Ryan and GV Bullwinkle, Chantal Wigan and Ferero, and Kristie Oatley and Ronan. My thoughts are with you all.

Ride well. I look forward to seeing the results.