Aussie Results for the Grand Prix at Compiegne

Here are the final Aussie Grand Prix results from Compiegne:

Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy – 70.97%

Mary Hanna and Sancette  68.61%

Kristy Oatley and Clive – 68.19%

Rozzie Ryan and Gv Bullwinkle  67.85%

Kristy Oatley and Ronan – 67.34%

Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW –  66.95%

Brett Parberry and Lord of Loxley  66.93%

Mary Hanna and Sancette  65.83%

Chantal Wigan and Ferero  64.91%

If you want to compare the results from the first qualifier at Mannheim you will find them by clicking here:  Results from Mannheim

Well done all of you – the pressure would have been huge…..

Will post the final full set of results soon.

Go Aussies Go!


Lyndal Oatley’s Photo Album of the Aussie Team at Mannheim

Here are some great photos put together by Lyndal Oatley of the Aussie team at the Olympic Dressage Qualifier at Mannheim.  Good choice of music too Lyndal!

If you want to read Lyndal’s full account of Mannheim it is posted on the Dressage NSW site.  Click on this link to get there.  It makes good reading.


Here are my secrets to handling a major competition.

I have always found that after a major competition it is vital to wind down, have a great laugh with friends and family and just generally relax and kick back.  That brings some balance back into life. All this familiar to all of you who compete.  After the training, concentration and preparation for the Dressage Olympic Qualifier in Mannheim – plus the stress of a big event, especially travelling miles on autobahns (scary!), getting to the venue, settling Jaybee Alabaster and ourselves in new surroundings……. and then the build up to the ride………..we managed to find the best place ever to have fun.

We spent the day at KETTELER HOF kids fun park in Haltern am See. There are twelve acres of pure big kid (and little kid) heaven!

Here are some pics!

What are the ways you wind down after a comp?  Leave a reply I would love to hear………….

Ride well and most of all have fun!


Photos from Mannheim Dressage Olympic Qualifier

Here are some pics from Mannheim.  By the way don’t be fooled by the blue skies…… need to add four inches of water to all the photos!  It was pretty gross but we all survived!  Well done to my amazing groom, Helen, in very difficult conditions.


loved the flags

the arena

The arena surface was beautiful to ride on, wet or dry.

the stable area

Aussie Results for Mannheim Grand Prix Special

Here are the Aussie Results for the Grand Prix Special :

1.  Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW  69.333%

2.  Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy  66.889%

3.  Kristy Oatley and Ronan  66.156%

Congratulations to all of you.

Next stop Compiegne!


Start List for Mannheim Grand Prix Special

Here is the start list for the Grand Prix Special today:

(Times are Sydney times)

11.09pm  Kristy Oatley and Ronan

11.36pm  Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW

11.45pm  Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy

Good luck!  Go Aussies!


Results for Mannheim Australian Dressage Olympic Qualifier

Hi all!  Here are the final results for Mannheim tonight:-

1.  Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy  69.723%

2. Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW  68.872%

3.  Kristy Oatley and Ronan  68.553%

4.  Chantal Wigan and Ferero  66.702%

5.  Mary Hanna and Sancette  66.362%

6.  Rozzie Ryan and Gv Bullwinkle  65.553%

7.  Rachael and Jaybee Alabaster  63.532%

8.  Brett Parberry and Lord of Loxley  60.128%

“Congratulations to Lyndal Oatley!  First of the Aussies and seventh overall.”


All 8 Aussie combinations are starters for the Mannheim Grand Prix Tonight!

Sorry there haven’t been too many updates from Mannheim but the wi-fi at the hotel is not working too well so this is coming to you by carrier pigeon!  I’ve got some photos too but can’t get them through.  Will post them when I can.  Everyone is having the same problem.

Mannheim is a very big show. Over 5 hours of Grand Prix altogether.  Trot up went well for the Aussies so we are all starting.  Unfortunately there is no live TV stream but here is the link on my blog to the start list with riding times for the Aussie riders:

We have two selectors here, high performance manager and chef d’equip. We had another quick ride in the main arena at 6am this morning. Very glamorous sport this dressage!  Do need some sleep soon. Then back to the hotel for breakfast and a bit of a rest then back to the show by 1.00pm to watch the start of the Grand Prix.  Apparently it could be only the top 12 combinations to go through to the Grand Prix Special tomorrow.  And there is no freestyle. Fingers crossed I have a good Grand Prix. All horses seem to be in form and all Aussie riders are in good spirits.  Jaybee Alabaster is going well.

There is a huge market next door called the “Maimarket” that provides great shopping for
anything from house to farm equipment.  Mind you I have not had much time to get around it!


Starting Order for Mannheim Australian Dressage Olympic Qualifier

Hi all!  Here is the start list for all the Aussies in the Mannheim Olympic Qualifier today.  I have given the times in Sydney time.  It’s going to be a late night for you if you want to keep up with the results!

10.12pm  Kristy Oatley and Ronan

11.21pm  Hayley Beresford and Belissimo NRW

11.48pm  Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy

00.06am  Brett Parberry and Lord of Loxley

00.15am  Rachael and Jaybee Alabaster 🙂

00.33am  Chantal Wigan and Ferero

01.06am  Rozzie Ryan and Gv Bullwinkle

01.24am  Mary Hanna and Sancette

Go Aussies!

See you there!


May Day Celebrations and Preparation for Mannheim

Spring is here.  Tee-shirt weather at last!  Feels good.

Yesterday was MAI DAY here in Germany. It is a public holiday. People set up fairs in all the little villages and spend the day bike riding and walking along the paths, having picnics or eating in the beer gardens around the area. They pull little wagons that are full of food and drink and really enjoy the day. It is a day to celebrate the good spring/summer weather that has started.

Helen and I decided to go to my favourite little village called Billerbeck. We spent alot of time there in 2007. It has a super “feel” to the place and the locals are just wonderful, warm and friendly.  We took part in the fair, which has carnival rides, games, dodgem cars etc. We had a wonderful few hours

enjoying the lovely spring weather and the sun.

It is such a different place over here when the weather turns for the better. The trees are getting leaves and all the flowers are coming out. The sky is blue and clear. Not every day, but a lot more often now.

We leave for Mannheim tomorrow morning.  I will ride Jaybee Alabaster before we load the truck and then set off for the 4 hour or so trek along the autobans. I think I am as ready as I can be for this first Olympic Qualifier. A bit of “good luck” never hurts though!